Frequently Asked Questions About Power Surges

Power surges occur frequently in most homes. Most times, lightning is the primary cause of these electrical mishaps. However, power surges can result from circuit overloads, faulty wiring, and power outages.

If your home is not well protected against surges, your electrical appliances may suffer massive damage from surges. Take a look at some of the frequently asked questions about surges and the recommended solutions.

How Do You Prevent Lightning-related Surges?

Most places that experience stormy weather, and especially lightning, suffer frequent electrical surges. Since lightning is an electrical charge, it can easily connect with your home's wiring, leading to an increase in the electrical charge. When that happens, it creates a massive spike in the current flowing in the system. This surge can start a fire or destroy your electrical devices.

An easy way to prevent this from happening is by unplugging all your electrical devices when lighting begins to strike. But note that the voltage that comes from lightning is high, and regardless of the technology you employ, damages could still occur.

Do You Need a Surge Protector?

Though unplugging electronics once the weather gets nasty is crucial, it is not enough. You should invest in a quality surge protector for your home as well. The protector comes from metal oxide varistors. Once a surge in voltage occurs, the protector directs the additional voltage to the varistors and suppresses it.

Installing a surge protector is the first step in heightening your safety from electrical damage. But you ought to pay attention to your surge protector if you wish to get good results. For instance, you should avoid plugging too many high voltage devices into one protector. Additionally, connect the protector to a reliable power outlet and ensure it does not overheat.

Can One Surge Protector Serve the Entire House?

Yes, you can get a protector that covers the entire house. Many people opt for the strip-style protector due to its ability to accommodate many electronic devices. However, a whole-house surge protector is different because it redirects current away from your home before it gets an opportunity to damage your electronics. But engage an expert residential electrician to ensure proper installation of the protector. 

An electrician can handle all issues related to power surges. They will be able to determine the building's weak points and recommend the best gadgets to use to ensure the protection of your house against surges.

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