Learn About Rewinding A Motor And How It Can Be Helpful To You

There are so many ways in which electric motors are used every day. They are used in printers, vacuum cleaners, machine tools, printing presses, subway systems, and automobiles, just to name a few. You should learn more about electric motor rewinding because being armed with this information can help you save money and hassles in the future. Here is some great basic information on electric motor rewinding

Why would you need to rewind an electric motor?

You may be wondering why you would ever need to have a motor rewound. The answer is that the motors will start to experience performance issues as time goes on and they are put under more use. When this happens, you can decide to replace that motor altogether, or go ahead and rewind the motor. When it is rewound, the coil will be removed, rewound, and put back in place. This will cause the motor to function at its proper level, as it did before it started giving you troubles. This can give you back your properly-running motor and save you the time and money involved with replacing it. 

What is involved with the electric motor rewinding process?

The process of rewinding an electric motor is a simple one. However, the results are impressive when it comes to how a rewound motor once again functions. The motor gets physically removed from the device or machine. The coils will be checked to locate hot spots or other issues indicating the rewinding does need to be done. The coils are then removed, and new ones are put in place, along with insulation. The motor will be tested to ensure everything works fine, then everything will be put back together. You will once again have a good running motor. 

How do you determine it's best to rewind your motor?

If the issue you are having with something stems from the motor and rewinding would fix the issue, then you can save a lot of money. Also, rewinding the motor is the option that's better for the environment. 

Some signs to look for that indicate rewinding may take care of your problem can include deterioration and signs of things like burns, rust, or moisture. Another sign is weak winding resistance. If the machine hasn't been performing properly, then the winding performance can be tested. If it isn't performing up to standards, then rewinding is a good option. One more problem can be due to the insulation causing resistance. This can be taken care of with rewinding, which includes the placement of new insulation.

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