4 Common Issues With Lighting Fixtures And Recommended Repairs

You have experienced issues with your lighting system at some point during your life. Sometimes the problem is a simple as a light flickering on and off without cause. You might have tried to resolve the issue by changing the fixture, but the change doesn't seem to fix the problem. It is advisable to hire an electrician to assess what could be causing the problem with the fixtures and get a solution for it. Here are four common issues related to lighting and possible repairs. 

Flickering and Burn-out

Flickering happens when there is a loose connection between the wires that support a fixture. The contacts could affect a few lighting fixtures in the circuit. On the other hand, a loose connection in the primary wire affects the lights in the entire house. If you have a high rate of your bulbs getting damaged, consider checking the wiring for loose connections. You should also check the quality of the bulbs because when it is too low, the quality of the lighting also dips. 

Heated Lighting Fixtures

Hot lighting fixtures could result from several severe complications with the wiring. The most common involves the connection between the bulb and the fixture contacts. Sometimes, the lighting fixtures will overheat because you use too many lamps in a small space, which strains the wiring and generates excessive heat. You could also experience the problem when the bulb has poor quality contact material, leading to wearing out and arcing. It would help if you also considered switching to energy saving and LED lighting technology for the best outcome. 

Electrical Shock From the Appliance

Another possible cause for alarm should be when you tough a fixture and receive a mild shock from it. Often, this happens when your equipment has faulty wiring and when the grounding is not adequate. It could also result from wetness around the lighting fixtures. You can minimize these problems by installing ground fault circuit interrupters, which cut off the current whenever the system experiences a leakage. 

Burning Smell From the Appliances

A burning smell from the appliances is never a good sign. They indicate that the insulation is heating up and melting because of the current build-up. It would help if you stopped using an outlet immediately after detecting a burning smell from the appliance. 

Call a competent electrician when you start experiencing issues with the lighting fixtures in your home. With their help, you can diagnose and fix the problems for more efficient lighting.

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