When Do You Need An Electrician To Upgrade Your Central Panel?

Do you need to add new appliances to the house but wonder if the electrical circuit can support them? The biggest enabler would be the electrical panel. This component is central to the distribution of power in an electrical circuit. An old or inadequate panel will perform poorly when there is higher power demand. It can also be a hazard since the inability to handle the power load can cause electrical fires. When should you hire residential electrical services to upgrade your home's electric panel?

When Adding New Appliances 

You need an electrician to test whether the central panel can support new appliances that have a big power demand, for example, an HVAC system. Such appliances require a special circuit since you can't just plug them into a power outlet. 

Failure to upgrade the panel will cause frequent tripping by the circuit breakers. A panel upgrade allows the electrician to make this circuit and configure the panel to direct higher power for such appliances. 

When Upgrading From Fuses to Circuit Breakers 

If you live in a very old building, chances are that it used fuses instead of circuit breakers. Fuses have several disadvantages. Unlike circuit breakers, they do not have an allowance for high power demand. Fuses are also one-time use; once a fuse blows, you must replace it.

An electrician can upgrade an old panel to give you the advantage of modern circuit breakers. They have a higher power rating and can be reused. Also, you can return the circuit breaker to its ON position after fixing the problem that caused the tripping.

When Remodeling 

If you plan to add a new room or reconfigure the existing ones, the changes should be reflected in your electric panel. You must upgrade the panel if you plan on adding new outlets in the new room. You also need a panel upgrade when overhauling the lighting to fit better interior design. The electrician can upgrade your panel to one that has better support for extended lighting and more lighting fixtures. 

When Overhauling the Wiring 

Deteriorated wiring presents risks such as electric shocks and fires. Old wiring circuits are also non-compliant with today's safety codes. Aluminum was also widely used, and it had disadvantages in heating up due to higher electrical resistance.

Overhauling the wiring in your home allows full compliance with safety codes. It also gives a better capacity to support modern appliances. But you also need the electrician to upgrade the electrical panel for your new wiring.

Are you looking for better power distribution in your home? Talk to residential electrical service about upgrading your electric panel.

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