2 Reasons To Hire A Residential Electrical Contractor For The Installation Of Motion Sensor Lighting

When it comes to residential lighting, some homeowners will solely focus on interior lighting solutions since they spend most time indoors. As a consequence, you may find the exterior of your home is sparsely illuminated, perhaps by a few downlights. But this is not the best way to go about lighting up your property. If you would like to spend more time outdoors while elevating the visual appeal of your property once night falls, you should consider hiring a residential electrical contractor to overhaul your exterior illumination by making the switch to motion sensor lights.

While usually connected with security applications, motion sensor lights prove a host of additional benefits that would have a transformative effect on the exterior of your home. This article lists two convincing reasons to hire a residential electrician for the installation of motion sensor lighting.

Enhanced safety

While you may know the layout of your property like the back of your hand, stumbling around in darkness can quickly disorient your bearings. Moreover, if you have been out all day while your partner and kids stayed home, there is a high chance that the exterior will no longer be organized the same way as it was when you left. If your driveway is dimly lit or your landscape is cloaked in darkness, you can easily trip and fall over strewn toys, skewed planters, and so on. You could accidentally walk into a garden gate, injuring yourself in the process.

To eliminate all these safety risks, it is best to have a residential electrical contractor install motion lights around your yard. The electrician can create a strategic trail of motion-triggered lights from your driveway to the garage doors and other secondary structures on the property to make sure that your path is automatically illuminated as you walk into the home.

Discourage nocturnal animals

Depending on your location, there could be a wide range of nocturnal animals that have a habit of wandering into your yard once night falls. Raccoons, in particular, are a tedious menace in many neighborhoods since they are incredibly destructive. In addition to wandering onto properties in search of food, these critters have the habit of turning over garbage cans and digging up yards. Other animals that can make their way into your property include foxes, opossums, and more.

If you are thinking that the installation of motion detector alarm systems will scare these pests away, you should know that this would be an inconvenient option for both yourself and your neighbors due to the incessant noise disruptions. A better solution is having a residential electrician install motion sensor lighting that will silently chase off these pests when they attempt to make their way onto your property.

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