Here Is Why You Should Consider Installing Under Cabinet Lighting

Suppose you have visited a modern or upgraded kitchen in the recent past. In that case, you likely noticed stylish lighting fixtures that make the kitchen incredibly appealing and cozy. These are called recessed or under-cabinet lights. Although these components make kitchen areas alluring, they are primarily designed to provide lighting in the workspace. under cabinet lighting is a popular phenomenon now for the following reasons.

1.       Energy-efficiency

Consider installing under-cabinet lighting if you are searching for an energy-efficient way of brightening up workspaces like kitchen counters. It will allow you to find your way around the kitchen area without switching to using all overhead lights. Remember, every time you turn on a kitchen light, your expenses increase because light bulbs and fixtures make up approximately 25-30% of your monthly energy bill. Therefore, using under-cabinet lights when others are off is reasonable. That is more so when you use LED (light-emitting diode) lighting fixtures that consume minimal energy.

2.       Affordability

Don't let the stylish outlook of under-cabinet lighting fool you into thinking they cost a fortune because they don't. Most under-cabinet lights, including puck lights, which are named so because they have a hockey puck shape, are affordable. LED strip lights also tend to be inexpensive and ideal for anyone working with limited resources. Plus, under-cabinet lighting installation is a manageable process that doesn't require heavy machinery or a large workforce. Therefore, experts don't charge exorbitant amounts for their services.

3.       Safety

Poor lighting in the kitchen is associated with numerous problems, including eye strain, headaches, and minor injuries like cuts. On the other hand, too much light is unsafe since it often leads to headaches and trouble focusing. Fortunately, under-cabinet lighting ensures homeowners aren't affected by such problems. The reason is a lighting system within a combination of features like lower-wattage, dimmable, and ultra-efficient lighting fixtures optimizes safety by allowing children and adults to access the kitchen safely even when overhead lights are switched off at night. The safe nature of under-cabinet lighting is one of the reasons they are ideal for homeowners planning to age in place.

4.       Home value addition

Did you know the real estate industry's average return on investment (ROI) for a mid-range kitchen makeover ranges between 50-60% of your overall renovation budget? That is why you can't ignore working on your kitchen if your goal is increasing your property's resale value. And that includes ensuring the workspace has good lighting. Potential buyers pay close attention to such aspects because they know how important kitchen lighting is. Besides, excellent solutions like under cabinet lighting give the entire setting a laid-back, cozy ambiance guaranteed to create a lasting impression.

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