Circuit Breakers: What You Need To Know

No matter how long you have owned a home, you may have some questions about the electrical system. You never know when you will have a problem, and it is important to know about possible issues before they happen, so you know what to do. Circuit breakers are just one component of a home's electrical system. You never want to deal with electricity on your own, but you should know when there's a problem so you can call an electrician. Here are some things you need to know.

Should a Circuit Breaker Buzz?

It is normal to hear a very soft buzzing sound when it is on. As electricity runs through the electrical system, it should be barely audible. If the buzzing gets louder over time or if you can hear it buzzing from a different room, you need to have your breaker box checked by an electrician.

Why Does the Circuit Breaker Trip During Rain Storms?

In many cases, breaker trips during rainfall are not typically indicative of a problem with your circuit breaker. This is common when you have extension cords outside that get wet or if you have lights or other fixtures outside that retain moisture. Consider making changes to prevent moisture from getting into the fixtures or unplug extension cords during the rain. Constant breaker trips could cause damage to your home.

What If a Breaker Is Warm?

If you happen to touch your circuit breakers and you notice that one or more of them are warm, you need to call an electrician right away. When a circuit breaker gets warm, it means it is using more electricity than it should. There could be a wiring problem, or it is exceeding the limits of the breaker. The breaker could also be going bad. You need an electrician to identify and repair the problem.

What if the Circuit Breaker Does Not Respond?

If your circuit breaker is not doing what it needs to be doing, you need to have the issue addressed right away. The circuit breaker should turn the power on and off to your home as you flip them on and off. If the breaker does not respond to this action, it can cause damage to your entire electrical system.

If you notice any type of problem with your circuit breakers, especially if you smell burning or a sulfur smell, you need to have your system inspected sooner rather than later to avoid catastrophic damage. For more information, contact an electrician near you.

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