When To Hire An Electrician To Put In New Outlets

If you live in an older home, you may wish you had more outlets for your electronics and small appliances. An electrician may be able to add the outlets you need without having to upgrade your electrical panel. Start by having your home's electrical system assessed by an electrician to determine how many outlets you may need, what kind of outlets are needed, and what will be involved in the installation process. Here are some reasons you may need new outlets in your home. 

You Need Extra Outlets

Small kitchen appliances can draw a lot of power, so it's often best to have a few dedicated circuits in your kitchen so you can use the microwave or appliance without causing your lights to dim. A dedicated circuit means a single outlet is the only thing on the circuit. In order to install one of these, there has to be room in your electrical panel for another circuit. If not, the electrician might need to install a new panel that has room for adding the extra circuits you need.

Simply adding more circuits to an office or family room might be different since the electrician can often put them on the same circuit. An outlet doesn't draw power until you plug something in, so as long as every outlet isn't in use at the same time, simply adding another outlet doesn't add to the power draw. An extra outlet could mean a lot for your convenience though so you won't have to rely on extension cords and create a potentially hazardous situation in your home.

The Old Outlets Are Damaged Or Not Grounded

Your home may still have outlets with two holes that require an adapter to use a plug with three prongs. This is no longer allowed with current electrical codes, so you may want to install all new outlets that are up to modern standards. Also, if you have an outlet that is damaged in some way, such as being cracked or not able to hold a plug properly, you may want to switch out the damaged one with a new outlet.

There Are No Safety Outlets

GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) outlets are required by electrical codes for new construction homes. Older homes weren't required to have these outlets, so your home may not have them in your bathrooms or kitchen. These outlets protect you from getting a bad shock, so they are an important safety feature to have, especially if you have kids. An electrician can convert the outlets you already have in your kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room to GFCI outlets without having to wire new outlets.

Contact a local electrician service, such as Oglesbee Electric, to learn more. 

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