Is Your AC Thermostat Damaged? 3 Signs That You Need To Call An Air Conditioning Repair Contractor

The importance of having a functional air conditioning (AC) unit cannot be overstated. This unit helps to regulate the temperatures and the humidity of your home or business. But for your unit to function at its peak performance, all the components must be in their best condition. For instance, if your thermostat is damaged, the unit will not serve your needs as required. Therefore, you need to call an air conditioning repair expert to restore the system. Here are three signs your thermostat needs repair. 

1. Your Unit Will Not Start

Very few things are as frustrating as when you start the AC unit during the peak of summer only for it not to run. This problem will likely happen when the wiring connecting the heat pump, furnace, and thermostat becomes loose. The loose wiring could be due to a damaged thermostat or normal wear and tear in your unit. So, you need a qualified electrician to inspect the condition so that they can get to the root of the problem.

2. Your Furnace Runs Continuously

The one feature that makes AC a reliable unit is that it can automatically cool your home to the desired temperatures. Once the thermostat is set, all you have to do is wait for the system to run, and when your room reaches the ideal temperatures, the unit will automatically stop. Of course, this only happens when your thermostat is in the best condition. If not, you will likely experience the unit running continuously. That might be due to poor calibration of wiring malfunctioning. So, if your unit will not stop running, get skilled professionals to examine and fix the problem.

3. You Have Different Temperatures in Your Home

It is possible to choose to have different temperatures in different rooms in your home or business. But for this to happen, you will need to invest in a ductless mini-split AC or a zoned AC unit. Otherwise, if you have a standard unit, then the temperature levels from room to room should be reasonably uniform. If that is not the case, then it means that your thermostat is damaged. A damaged thermostat can cause the system to switch on and off irregularly. Thus, the only areas that will cool are those next to the unit.

A licensed air conditioning repairer can handle all your air conditioning repair needs. So, if your unit will not start, runs continuously, or your room has a different temperature in your building, you need to call the professionals to check and repair the thermostat.

Contact a local HVAC repair service, such as Superior Group, to learn more. 

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