5 Signs An Electrical Rewiring Is Overdue On Your Business Premise

If you're ready to cut electricity costs and rectify some crucial electric challenges, below is a rundown of signs that your electrical system needs repair.

1. Tripped Circuit Breakers and Blown Fuses 

Fuses and circuit breakers offer the first line of defense in power surges. If there's a problem, they protect the other electrical components. However, they're prone to failure — for example, if you use a fuse for an extended period, it could blow.

One sign that you need to rewire is that your circuits blow fuses or trip circuit breakers. If a fuse has blown, an electrical maintenance technician determines which circuit it protects to conduct the repairs. In addition, a circuit breaker could trip if the current is too high or the conductor weakens.

2. Broken and Cracked Insulation Cables

Undertake regular cable inspections to document damage and enhance your business's safety. For example, broken or cracked insulation cables can emanate from rodents that chew cables. Therefore, you should check if there are any rodent activity on your premise if you notice this damage.

Any cable exposed to water will have the potential to fail. Further, broken or cracked insulation will allow water seepage that can cause a fire in extreme cases.

3. Dead Power Outlets or Switches

Dead outlets or switches are another sign that you need to rewire. For example, you need electrical outlets in your office to plug in your computer, printer, phone, and other office equipment. Thus, when the outlets no longer receive electrical power, you can rewire or replace switches to change the lighting control.

Further, when you rewire your business premise, you can add as many new outlets and switches as you need. 

4. Electric Shock From Power Outlets

Electric shock emanates from a buildup of power in the wiring. You can prevent electrical shock if you don't touch the live wiring of an outlet. You can also avoid electric shock when you unplug all the appliances in your office when you aren't at work — this will help prevent any charge buildup in the wiring.

5. Overheating Sockets

Overheated sockets are a sign that you need to rewire. If a socket gets so hot that it burns your hand when you plug in an appliance, you need to replace the socket. However, don't short out your system by the need to plug in a device and overheat the wire.

You can easily miss signs that you need electrical rewiring at your business premise. However, don't let these signs go unnoticed since they could lead to a costly rewiring project or, worse, a fire.

Contact an electrician to learn more about electrical maintenance services. 

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