3 Signs That Your Home May Be In Need Of Electrical Panel Upgrades

When making home improvements, many homeowners overlook the need to upgrade their home's electrical panel. This is because, in addition to the fact that residential electrical panel upgrades are not required on a regular basis, the fact that these panels are conveniently placed out of sight can often cause them to be forgotten until something goes wrong. If you wish to avoid waiting to make necessary upgrades until something goes seriously wrong with your electrical system, you will need to learn to spot the signs that your electrical panel requires upgrades. You can learn more about three of these signs below.  

#1 Your Lights Dim Or Flicker When Drawing Power From Multiple Outlets At Once

Do your overhead lights dim or flicker when you begin using other items in your home, such as your microwave or a window AC unit? If so, this is a strong indication that your electrical panel is not capable of handling your demand for energy and must be upgraded. 

#2: Your Circuit Breakers Trip Regularly

Nearly all homeowners will experience a circuit breaker being tripped every now and then. However, you should not need to reset these breakers on a regular basis. If your circuit is being tripped regularly, this typically means that you are attempting to draw more power than your electrical panel allows for that specific circuit. While you could choose to remove some of the electronics that are currently being used on that circuit, the most effective way to address this issue is with residential electrical panel upgrades. 

#3: You Are Planning To Install A New Large Appliance

Chances are, your electrical needs will change over the years. As you add new large appliances to your home, it is important to make sure that your home's electrical panel is able to handle the increased demand for power. A failure to upgrade your electrical panel when significantly increasing your energy consumption can result in several different issues. For instance, you could find yourself dealing with appliances that are unable to operate at full capacity due to limited voltage. You could also find that your circuit breakers begin tripping more often. You could even experience a power surge that damages your electronics or causes an electrical fire. In order to avoid these issues, it is important to contact an electrician to ensure your electrical panel does not require any upgrades before adding large appliances to your home. 

Contact a local electrician to learn more about residential electrical panel upgrades

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