3 Reasons To Have Electrical Contractors Install A Subpanel In Your Home

As your home gets older, you may find that your electrical needs change. You may start using more electronics and appliances, or you may simply want to update your wiring to accommodate a growing family. Whatever the reason, if you need more power than your current electrical system can provide, it may be time to have electrical contractors install a subpanel. A subpanel is a secondary electrical panel that gives you additional circuit breakers and space for new circuits. There are several reasons why you might need a sub-panel installed in your home. Here are three:

1. You Need More Power 

If you find that you're constantly tripping circuit breakers or blowing fuses, it's a good sign that you need a higher-amp electrical service. Upgrading to a sub-panel is a great way to get the additional power you need without having to replace your entire electrical system. Additionally, some changes in your home that demand more power, such as a hot tub or a new air conditioner, may require their own circuit. Rather than running a new line back to your main panel, an electrical contractor can install a sub-panel next to the appliance, making it much easier (and safer) to connect.

2. You Want To Add New Circuits

If you're planning on adding any new appliances or outlets to your home, you'll need to install additional circuits to accommodate them. Rather than overloading your existing circuits or running long lengths of wire through your walls and attic, an electrical contractor can install a sub-panel that will give you the extra space you need for new circuits. This is also a great way to add safety features like ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) or arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) without overloading your main panel.

3. You Need To Update Your Wiring

As your home ages, so does your wiring. Over time, the insulation on your wires can degrade, leaving them susceptible to shorts and fires. If your home is old, it's a good idea to have an electrical contractor inspect your wiring and update it if necessary. Updating your wiring is a big job and one that's best left to a professional. However, if you're only updating a few circuits, installing a sub-panel can provide the perfect opportunity to update the rest of your home's wiring at the same time.

Whether you need more power, more circuits, or simply want to update your wiring, having an electrical contractor install a sub-panel in your home is a great solution.

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