Heating and Cooling Your Industrial Facility

The HVAC system that your industrial facility uses can be an important factor in keeping the employees comfortable while also providing the ideal conditions for the machinery that may be needed. This is especially important for businesses that have systems or equipment that will need to stay within a set temperature range to work optimally.

Air Purification Capabilities

Air quality in the business's facility can be an important factor in the health and comfort of your employees. In industrial settings, there can be a high amount of particles in the air. This could lead to workers potentially inhaling these particles, and this could lead to a variety of serious health problems. Many industrial HVAC systems are designed with purification units that can remove the dust and other impurities from the air that is circulating inside your business.

Heat and Cooling Output

An industrial facility can be a very large structure. This can lead to the facility needing to have high-capacity heat and cooling systems. Otherwise, it may be difficult to effectively manage the interior temperature of the building, and it can also lead to much higher energy costs. High-capacity industrial HVAC systems can be a solution for these facilities as they will be designed to have both high heating and cooling output as well as a blower system that is strong enough to distribute the air throughout the interior of the large industrial facility. When sizing a new HVAC system for your industrial building, consulting with a professional industrial HVAC technician can minimize the risk of some common mistakes occurring that could lead to you buying a new HVAC system that may not be optimal for your facility.

Support for Zoned Temperature Settings

Zone HVAC systems can provide industrial buildings with a much greater degree of control over the temperature settings for the various areas of the structure. This can allow the air conditioning for the workspace to be set lower to offset the heat from the industrial equipment while still allowing the offices or other areas to have the temperature slightly higher. Improving the comfort of the workers in the building is a major benefit of this option, but it is also a feature that can reduce the amount of energy that the system is using to manage the interior temperature. Considering that the HVAC system is among the most energy-demanding appliances in the facility, reducing its energy requirements can substantially lower the electricity costs for the business.

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