4 Signs It Is Time To Call A Commercial Electrician For Ceiling Fan Replacement

Your ceiling fan needs frequent inspection, repair, and maintenance. But all fans will need replacements eventually. You do not want an unresponsive ceiling fan during the hot months of the year, do you? Here are four signs you need to engage a commercial electrician for ceiling fan replacement.

1. Your Ceiling Fan Is Getting Up There in Age

Electrical appliances have an expected service life beyond which they might not serve you effectively, and your ceiling fan is no exception. A reliable ceiling fan can serve you for a decade or even more with good maintenance. Check the expected life of your ceiling fan in its user manual or call the manufacturer. Call a commercial electrician for replacement services without delay if it is past its expected service life. An outdated ceiling fan may become unbalanced, posing injury risks to your workers and clients. Or the electrical wiring may become frayed, exposing you and your workers to electrical hazards. Even worse, its motor may overheat, starting a fire. Therefore, hire an electrician to replace it immediately. 

2. Strange Sounds

A well-functioning ceiling fan should be humming, not grinding, rattling, or squeaking. If yours is making weird sounds, the chances are that it is nearing the end of its useful life. Strange ceiling fan sounds usually come from old loose blades, damaged receivers, or missing screws. Therefore, call a commercial electrician as soon as possible. They will help you choose a modern fan to keep your commercial space cool without disruptive noises.

3. Your Fan Is Wobbling

Walking or sitting under a wobbling ceiling fan is precarious. The fan could fly off, cause injuries, or damage your ceiling or other items. The main culprits of a shaking ceiling fan are loose, unbalanced, dirty, or damaged blades. However, you don't have to work in fear in your office or store. Hire a commercial electrician for ceiling fan replacement services to restore comfort.

4. Endless Repairs

Inspections and repairs are part of a ceiling fan's service life. However, if your ceiling fan requires frequent repairs or replaces parts repeatedly, you should talk to your commercial electrician about the fan replacement. The occasional repair may be inexpensive, but constant repair calls may be more expensive than getting a new unit. With a new fan system, you get a new warranty and peace of mind that your ceiling fan will efficiently meet your needs.

Contact a local commercial electrician service such as Boyd Electric  if you spot any of the above signs with your ceiling fan. They can help you find a quality ceiling fan that will match your needs and style and offer exceptional installation services to ensure it is safe and efficient.

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