Want More Lighting In Your Home? Choose Recessed Lighting

If you want more lighting in your home, one way to get this is to install recessed lighting.  Below is information on what this is, as well as the benefits this type of lighting will offer you. 

The main difference between recessed lighting and traditional lighting is how they are installed. Traditional lighting protrudes from a ceiling or lays flush on a ceiling. Recessed lighting is installed directly on a wall, which may be on a ceiling, underneath cabinets, and in many more areas. There are many benefits of choosing recessed lighting over other types of lighting, including:

Extra Lighting

Recessed lighting can be installed on any flat surface, so it adds to the lighting in the room. You can choose to have only recessed lights on instead of the ceiling light. This is especially helpful at night when you do not want to wake everyone up in the home with a brightly lit room. You can use the lights to illuminate only specific areas of a room. For example, you can place them under a cabinet so you can see the kitchen countertop better at night. 

Can Be Installed in Wet Rooms

If you need extra lighting in your bathroom or any room that gets wet regularly, recessed lighting is perfect for you. This also means you can install these lights outside on a porch or on a deck. This is because the lights do not protrude from the ceiling, so they do not get wet with built-up humidity or when it rains. You could leave the lights on at night in a bathroom to have a nightlight for your children or for yourself. 

Allows Focus

You can install recessed lighting in an area that you want to focus on. This may be inside a curio cabinet to highlight dishes or décor you have in there. You may have an art piece on the wall that you want to display. Recessed lighting can highlight family pictures you have hanging on a wall or sitting on a countertop. 

Easy to Maintain

A big benefit of recessed lighting is they are easy to maintain. This is because you do not have to worry about light fixtures getting dirty or dusty. It can be difficult to clean these fixtures because they are generally on a ceiling. With recessed lighting, you will not have to worry about this.

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