Home Not Cooling But Fan Is Running? 2 Possible Causes

If your home is not cooling but you hear the fan running on your HVAC unit, this can be caused by many things. The first thing you should do is hire an HVAC contractor to come to your home.  Keep reading to learn of two problems the contractor may find is wrong with the unit.

Dirty Filter and Coil

One thing that can cause your AC to not run correctly is a dirty filter and/or dirty coils. The job of the air filter is to filter out dirt and debris as the cool air flows through the filter. Over time, this dirt and debris build up in the filter, and if you don't replace it, the evaporator will eventually stop working, which will then cause your home not too cool. 

The condenser coils inside the unit can also become dirty over time. If this happens, they can also prevent the cool air from flowing out of the machine. This is because the job of the condenser coils is to remove heat from your home and allow the cool air to flow in. If the condenser coils are not cleaned, they will overheat and would have to be replaced. An HVAC contractor should clean these for you to ensure it is done properly. 

Problems with Capacitor

If the capacitor is having problems, this can also cause your HVAC unit to have trouble cooling your home. The starter relay works with the capacitor, so it may also not be working. These two parts are what supply power to the compressor. They not only start the compressor but also start the blower motor.

The compressor can overheat and eventually break down. You should check the power supply first as this may be the cause. Make sure the unit is plugged in securely. Check the circuit breaker that powers the unit to ensure it is not tripped. If so, turn it back on and see if your unit will start cooling your home. 

If this is the problem, you may hear a humming sound coming from the HVAC unit. Go outside and stand next to it to see if you hear this. If you do, the capacitor is likely the problem. Fortunately, it is not difficult for an HVAC contractor to replace the capacitor as well as the starter relay. 

Make sure you have your HVAC unit maintained each year to prevent problems from happening in the future. Contact an HVAC service to learn more. 

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